Aizu Lacquer ware

 Fukushima Prefecture, Designated as Traditional Crafts since 1975

Aizu is one of traditional cities in Fukushima Prefecture in Japan.  Among painting methods for ware in Japan, this Aizu method is particularly one of most traditional way using Japanese Lacquer for a kitchen ware and daily item.  Aizu Lacquer was originally established approx. 500 years ago, and this Aizu city has been developed since 1570s by industrializing the technique.  They manufacture Japanese Lacquer based on special wood (Park, Horse Chestnut, Keyaki) as the base, and by special method, “Makie” and “Chinkin” which is one of decoration way with gold foil.  The Aizu-Lacquer has especially colorful variation and fortune decoration Japanese loves.  Not only this very traditional method has been alive over 500 years, but also this Aizu Lacquer is still developing now while uniting new technologies.  


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