Nagae cooperation --

Nagae was founded in 1954 and is located at Takaoka city of Toyama prefecture, which is a famous place with sophisticated metal processing technology continuing for 300+ years.  

They have been manufacturing tin, aluminum and brass products by huge equipment since they were founded.  They are currently supporting the Japanese life with their metal processing.  They made their own original band, “Nagae+ (Nagae Plus) ” in March 2015 based on their technique.  They are trying to expand their made-in-Japan and high-design products into the world for a new and future lifestyle and  while collaborating with new high-tech and committing to traditional Japanese techniques.   

“Nagae+” --

Nagae+ is the first product which successfully added the color on tin surface.  Originally, it is impossible to put color on tin, but the brand, Nagae+ makes it possible.  Additionally, it was said it was difficult even to put the color on the surface, but they are able to make gradation with the color on tin by a special coating equipment which is usually used for medical application.  And, they have glass coating on its surface to look gentle and mild on the surface.  These committed colors have motifs of Japanese seasons spring to winter. 

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