Shigaraki Yaki

Shiga Prefecture, Designated as Traditional Crafts in 1975 September

Shigaraki Yaki is a pottery in Shigaraki, Koga city and it was originally born for roof tile for Shigaraki palace of Emperor Shomu during the Tempyo era in 730s.  This Shigaraki is recognized as one of the six olders kiln in Japan.  The pottery raccoon status is the most popular in the Shigaraki Yaki now, but they have long history and verity of products.  Water bottle and large pots were made during Kamakura Era (1192 - 1333), and many tea bowl and other tea ceremony good were produced in Muromachi Era (1336 - 1573).  In Edo Era, everyday goods was made a lot along with jars for tea storage and, Hibachi (charcoal braziers) had also produced until World War II.  Currently, vases, tableware and statues are made as products of Shigaraki Yaki.  

In this Shigaraki Era, we can take high quolity clary for pottery, so Shigaraki Yaki is one of the most famous poetry in Japan. The clay includes granite particle and it is good strong and sticky to form or make a shape for pottery.  The clay includes some organic matter so that the surface has rough texture, but once the impurities in the clay is taken out, it make white and smooth on the surface.    

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