Seto Sometuske Yaki

Aichi Prefecture, Designated as Traditional Crafts in 1997 May

In 19th century, Seto Sometsuke Yaki was developed by unique combination between firing technology of porcelain, which local people return from Kyusyu area and decoration technique using a soft Southern Sung Dynasty style. These two techniques interacted each other and they made Seto Sometuski Yaki expanded in Japan. In the middle of the same century, creators keep making effort, finally, they created their own painting method for unglazed wares.

The productions of this decorated porcelain expanded more in the Meiji Era (1868 - 1912).  They produce not only kitchen ware, but also jubako (which is stacking lunch box), lamps, and even tables. These kinds of product are still produced now.   
The biggest feature of Seto Sometsuke Yaki is decorative patterns which applied by a brush directly on the surface of the unglazed clay. And the special color, Ai-iro (indigo-blue) is also special feature of the ware. The pattern and the color are able to express detailed birds, flowers, insects and scenery.  These epic wares are typically used in the tea ceremony, put alongside articles and displayed as interior items.