Sake glass Pair / Star-Diamond pattern Tenkai Pair / EK-003

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Glass size: 2.95" W x 4.17" H 

  • Diameter: 2.95 inches (75 mm)
  • Height:  4.17 inches (106 mm) 

Products Description: 

They have Japanese traditional pattern, star-diamond, but looks western.  They are higher than usual sake glass, so they can be used for shoot-glass as well.   


Edo Kiriko, which means “cut glass”,  was originally manufactured in 1834 by Kagaya Kyubei, who worked in a glass shop in the Odenma town area of Edo, where it is currently the Tokyo area. In 1985, Edo-Kiriko was designed as Tokyo Traditional Crafts and it was designed as National Traditional Crafts in 2002.