Kasane Yarai / Edo Kiriko / EK-007

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Glass size: 3.27"W x 3.43"H 

  • Diameter: 3.27 inches (83 mm)
  • Height: 3.43 inches (87 mm) 
  • Capacity: 6.76 oz (200 ml)

Products Description: 

These colors, Blue(Ruri) and Red are the most popular color in series of Edo Kiriko.  All processing from cutting to polishing is meticulously done by manual work of Japanese artisan.  The glass expresses detailed cutting design and dedicated color. 


Edo Kiriko, which means “cut glass”,  was originally manufactured in 1834 by Kagaya Kyubei, who worked in a glass shop in the Odenma town area of Edo, where it is currently the Tokyo area. In 1985, Edo-Kiriko was designed as Tokyo Traditional Crafts and it was designed as National Traditional Crafts in 2002.